Rockwellian Shopping

20170713_150910I love online shopping!  For the last two Christmas’s my entire family only had shopping lists on Amazon.  It made it so easy to buy the exact gift that each person wanted without me ever having to get out of my lounge clothes!  Then there is Etsy!  W O W!  Personalized, handcrafted, and geeky items all just a double-click away from showing up on my doorstep!  The items on Etsy are only limited by the imagination of the crafters.  It is a treasure trove of wonderful jewelry, trinkets, tools, clothes, and so much more.

I know what you are thinking: I am just a personal commercial for Amazon and Etsy.  I am not.  I just love online shopping.  The UPS lady and I have a wonderful friendship because of this!  I write all of this to say that there are a few people out there who would scream “blaspheme” at my refusing to set foot in a store at Christmas or any other time.  These people would never dream about ordering toilet paper online just so they don’t have to interact with people at Wal-Mart.  I’ve even had a lady laugh at me when I told her that if I couldn’t buy something online, I don’t need it.

Well for those wonderful Rockwellian shoppers who insist on purchasing items in person I now have two, yes two, brick and mortar stores that sell my creations.  The first one is called “The Hidden Treasure 2” and it is located at 2330 N. Main Street next to Papa Murphy’s.  The name says it all.  It is hidden and slightly out of the way but the treasures that are inside are unique to Northern Colorado.  In fact, all the items in the crafted section are made by local artisans.  You can’t get more small business then that!  The store just went through a major renovation and has it’s grand re-opening on Saturday July, 15th.  You really should treat yourself and go have a look at all the goodies they carry.

The second store is a gem!  It is “The Golden Comb” located at 195 S. Main St. #14 in the Burlington shopping center.  One look at me and you know I love color.  My stylist is Devonie who works at the Golden Comb.  She is amazing with color and I have recommended her to most of my friends.  The Golden Comb’s owner Sandy and I started discussing me selling my soaps in the shop.  Bath and beauty go together so it was a natural leap.  I am very grateful to both Devonie and Sandy for the opportunity to sell in their shop.

When I do shop in person, I try to only shop with small businesses and enjoy supporting local artists and vendors.  I appreciate you supporting these shops and many others who cater to locals.

Now back to my online surfing!

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