D.C. & Marvel

There are so many great superhero movies!  Right now, the market has been flooded with movies from both D.C. and Marvel comics showcasing many of the heroes we all grew up with.  Most people have their favorites they side with.  I live in a divided house, I love everything Marvel and Jeremy is more partial to D.C. comics.  Our daughter has been Switzerland and says she loves them equally.  Jeremy has always been a HUGE fan of Batman and to a slightly lesser degree, Superman then Spider-Man.  While I do enjoy Harley Quinn and The Joker that is about where my D.C. limit is.  I love the X-Men & Avengers; Gambit and Black Widow being my favorites!

Jeremy is a big part of my soaping business being successful!  He takes bars to his work and usually sells quite a few of them to his co-workers.  Jeremy also encourages me when branching out into stores and Etsy sales.  He also helped me create the logo and even name of Fresh Leaf Creations!  These areas are so important but the most important impact Jeremy has had with my soaping is that he encourages me and allows me to make more soaps than I probably should.  Because of these amazing things he does for me, I wanted to thank him.

I decided to make a superhero inspired line of soaps and since my husband is amazing I started with D.C. characters first.  I intended to make a Superman soap first but the bars just screamed Spider-Man.  I think the swirls turned out looking more like webs in these bars.  The scent is called “Pheromone” and smells superhero-y to me.  The longer the bars cure the more intense the fragrance and bold the colors will become.  Much like every Spider-Man remake!


Next came Harley Quinn!  You know I had to make one for her!  With a white base and teal and purple “pigtails” on either side I thought the bars turned out well!  It is scented with Lavender and Chamomile which makes these bars sweet smelling but shockingly colorful; just like Harley Quinn from the movie Suicide Squad.



If you are going to make superhero inspired soaps you have to have Batman; Jeremy’s favorite.  You would think that Batman would be easy to replicate but it is just as temperamental as the bat himself!  It took me three tries to get a decent batch that could be paired with the Batman name.  The fragrance is a wonderful, morose fragrance with a rose and pearl base but goes amazing with the Dark Knight theme.  I have a feeling this bar will be popular!



So, what is next?  I plan on jumping ship to the Marvel side of the universe.  I’m currently playing with a Hulk soap but I’m dying to try a Captain America soap.


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