360 Bars of Soap!!!

360 bars of soap in 30 different fragrances are all ready for the fall.  Starting with a soapy party and an artisan pop-up market in October and four different Artisan/Holiday Markets in November and December!

Packaging the bulk of these soaps in one go took several hours.  Finishing the bars, wrapping in shrink wrap, heat seal the bars, heat gun to shrink the wrap, then finally label each bar with the proper label.  Doing this 360 times over the course of several days makes all the bars blur in your head.


I didn’t realize how many batches & bars I had created until it was all set out for the soapy party.  I’m surprised I got them all onto one counter top.

If you are in the area please come see me at the Longmont Artisan Market October 28th 712 Main Street.  Hope to see you all there!

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