Fresh Reactions

I really like these soaps. The fragrances are fabulous and I like the lather each soap has. My favorites are the grapefruit and grape hyacinth scents. I have one of the ceramic soap dishes also and enjoy it as well.  -Jean

These soaps are amazing! They smell wonderful. They are made of great ingredients that make my skin feel fantastic, AND my kids love the mermaid one with glitter �. Super fun, super reasonable! Highly recommend!  -Teresa

I absolutely loved the soap I received! The scents smell amazing and left my skin feeling great!!!  -Miriam

Thank you so much for all the soaps! I was so surprised to see them all!! I love all the scents, but if I had to choose my favorites, Princess Cottongrass and Sparcoalicious are the top 2!  -Carey

I am loving my coconut soap!! It smells wonderful and feels wonderful. Thank you!  -Margie

I love the one I got. Very nice  -Paul