Buckle Up!

What a short, strange trip this has been.  I am an old pro at reading blogs.  Writing a blog is very new for me.  Thank you for being patient!

I am a workaholic.  Back at my old job I frequently put in 80 hours a week and enjoyed the stress of working full time.  After a few years, a marriage, and a child our family needed me to cut back on hours.  My husband got a new job that required relocation and I jumped at the opportunity to be a full time mom.  When my daughter turned school age there wasn’t a need for me to be home while she was gone so I got a part time job.  I once again over three years started working more hours for more frustration.  I needed to change and reduce the stress level again so I once again decided to stay home.  But I was stagnate in life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, love my house, love my life but since I became a stay at home mom I felt I had lost my outlet for excess energy.

I decided to take a ceramics class at my local community college and found I wasn’t bad at throwing pottery.  I was by no means good, but I liked having the title of “not bad”.  I found it was a wonderful way to focus on just the movement and manipulation of the clay.  I was able to forget about the stresses of life and just work with the clay and create something functional.  I kept taking ceramics classes and pushing myself to go beyond the comfortable and strive for more artistic forms.  I am still working to find that equilibrium of form and function; I enjoy the journey.

Soaping was something I watched on YouTube for years before I thought, “I can do that”. Soaping looked like another outlet for my increasing creativity.  I started with what I thought was an easy project that turned out amazingly bad!  Even though the final product wasn’t what I intended to make I loved the process.  There is a science, chemistry, to soap making that I find familiar and soothing.  I was hooked.  Soon, I had a kitchen full of bars of soap and pottery.  My amazing husband gently reminded me that my habit was taking over the house and I needed to stop or we would be drowning in clay and suds!  What a way to go!

The Hubby suggested that maybe I could start selling some of my creations.  So, I dove head first into the sales business.  I had goals, tracking, sales, and a plan but no name.  I stressed over a catchy name but the Hubby came to the rescue again.  Since I was starting fresh in my creative life he came up with “Fresh Leaf Creations” and I was in love!  Business has been steady and still fun!  So I am bringing you along on my journey. Fasten your seat belts.  Here we go!

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